Maxime Bonhomme

Product-focused Fullstack Developer



GM, I'm Max. I enjoy building dynamic, creative products from start to finish. Focused on developing intuitive experiences that constantly grow and improve based on user metrics. Always shipping.

Work Experience

2022 - present

Senior Frontend Engineer – IYKlink to Senior Frontend Engineer – IYK

Building the Whole Wide World﹡

TS • Next • Nest • Stitches • Mobx • Turbo

2020 - 2022

Full Stack & Technical Lead – Everpresslink to Full Stack & Technical Lead – Everpress

Led a team of 5 engineers to develop our creator tools and e-commerce app. Collaborated closely with the Head of Product to track our tactical objectives, improve technical directions and shipping frequency.

React • Redux • Symfony • AWS

2016 – 2020

Front End Engineer – Freelance

Worked with a range of large and small agencies, start-ups and individuals to build products. Clients included Marvel App, United Nations, Netflix, Dropbox Design.

React • Redux • Styled Components • Framer Motion

2014 – 2016

Front End Engineer – Neverblandlink to Front End Engineer – Neverbland

Part of a tight-knit team of designers, developers and critical thinkers, I built MVP products and marketing experiences for start-ups.

React • Redux • CSSModules • Three.js

Side Projects




Tamiko are non-fungible friends that live completely on-chain. You can hatch, feed, breed and evolve them.

Solidity • ERC721 • ERC1155 • Next.js


Kinetic SpectrumsKinetic Spectrumslink to Kinetic Spectrums

Generative on-chain NFTs. A collection of dynamic, ever changing artworks.

Solidity • ERC721 • Next.js